Telegram Messenger

Whatsapp-esque messaging app but open, cloudbased, encrypted

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@liveink pulled me into using this and I'm loving it. It's super fast and has must have muting/notification controls to manage specific chats or group vs. private messages. The Mac app is slick too.
russians cc/ @rrhoover
It's sad that I cannot find people around to use it together. My friends and family don't care that much about privacy and just uses whatever is at hand, most of the time WeChat and Facebook.
Insane signup rate post the Whatsapp acquisition: "Today more than 1.8 million people joined Telegram.:
It keeps growing. Anyone know where the sudden growth came from? "@telegram: 4 million users joined Telegram within the last 18 hours. We're doing our best, but the service is getting unstable due to high load."