Telegram Crypto Groups

Comprehensive list of all crypto related groups on Telegram

Telegram Crypto Groups is a directory that lists all of the crypto related Telegram groups

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Tommy is a force of nature and builder at heart. I love anything he creates. This definitely addresses an annoyance. Congrats!
@kapso Thanks! I built it partly because I wanted to keep track of the number of users joining a specific group for an ico/coin so it can be used as a market signal. Will update the site to post that information once more data is available!
This is helpful and awesome in multiple levels. The coldest groups was a bonus touch.
It is very useful, good job!
Telegram is a bit of a shitshow -- it doesn't have a central list of groups that people can join. Since Telegram is used heavily in crypto discussions, Telegram Crypto Groups tries to solve the issue by creating the most comprehensive directory of all the crypto related groups out there, driven by the community. Anyone can add new groups to the list as well.
Numbers can be boosted because of bounty programs, fake accounts, etc. Sometimes there is more messages per minute in groups with 2k people, than in groups with 50k+, so it would be awesome to see something like activity index.
@nightcoder Yeah that makes sense. V2! ;)