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The release notes for 2.0 are very interesting: GIF revolution: 20x faster sending and downloading, autoplay, save your favorite GIFs to a dedicated tab on the sticker panel. Inline bots: A new way to add bot content to any chat. Type a bot's username and your query in the text field to get instant results and send them to your chat partner. Try typing “@gif dog” in your next chat. Sample bots: @gif, @wiki, @bing, @vid, @bold
@chrismessina love this app - why do you think it has one thousandth the hype of slack for groups, or whatsapp for social users? works everywhere, like cash...
@passingnotes probably because it seems/feels so much like other chat apps people don't get the difference.
Once people start getting concerned more with privacy, Telegram will prevail. I love Telegram. I love Slack. But use them for different things all together.
Works great!