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Announcing 2 Sneak-Peak Features: Threaded Replies and “Mail Merge” for Telegram Hey guys! Alan here, one of the creators of Telefuel alongside @matt_nguyen and @fredericgingras 🥳🚀 I thought it’d be fun to offer the Product Hunt community an exclusive first look at two exciting new features we have coming to the pipeline: Threaded Replies and Mass Messaging for Telegram :) Here's what coming! Threaded Replies Following multiple conversations in a single Telegram chatroom is near impossible. The existing Replies function in Telegram makes it possible to reference & respond to earlier comments, but it’s still not an ideal format to conduct & follow a conversation. Based on feedback from our community, we’re building a threaded reply viewer that will turn replies into their own threaded conversations, which you can access in the sidebar. We’re still working through some nuances about how we’ll handle branches, but we’re playing around with prototypes now, and would love to invite you to join the open discussion about this and other features in our community: Mass Messaging For folks managing multiple relationships at scale via Telegram, we’re building in an awesome mass-messaging feature that’ll allow you to send a template message to a group of users in a sub-folder. We’re testing this internally for conversations with early customers to solicit feedback and spark conversations that lead to customer learning and insights. It’s been crazy valuable, and a great way to use technology to help enhance and scale our relationships and conversations. Join the community (help us shape Telefuel to your needs!) Both of these features started as ideas from conversations in our Telegram community, where our founding team and community are in open conversation. We invite you to join the conversation, and help us shape Telefuel to your needs! Join here:
Hi all! I'm one of the co-founders of Telefuel. We've been building in the Telegram ecosystem for the last couple years and are super excited to share Telefuel with the PH community. We believe Telefuel will elevate the Telegram experience and bring it closer to Discord and Slack. If you use Telegram for business or work, this is perfect for managing your customer relationships and internal team communications. Even if you use Telegram casually, you can benefit for our organizational features that are missing from the native clients. Happy to answer any questions here. You can also reach me on Telegram:
@mattnguyen For DEV team is magic! Thx
This product is vital for doing biz dev/growth in the Blockchain space. I reconnected with many people after downloading it. Awesome work guys! Jeff Zirlin Cofounder, Axie Infinity
@jihoz Appreciate it Jiho! Pleasure to be building alongside of ya!!
Where has this been all my life!
Congrats on the launch! Looks really clean :)
@jack7kim Thanks Jack! Appreciate ya :)