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#3 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2015
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Looked great, but asking for $649 up front for a pre-order = nope
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@ow Defo agree with Owen, I like my tea, but the amount of decent standard tea I could buy for that money makes it hard to justify this product as an individual consumer. BUT if a tea emporium or coffee shop bought this and made a feature of it then it'd probably do well with the regularly consuming connoisseurs :-) cool product nice work chaps!!
I can't even afford this if I was a millionaire
@ow that is a WILD price.
Beautiful product, but that price tag... ouch! I'm passionate about tea, but that's insane. I also felt like the landing video failed to really deliver any meaningful information that would have encouraged me to buy. Lots of focus on the beauty, but very little of the function behind it. (It's out of my price range anyway; I felt like I went overboard and splurged on that Breville one-touch of mine!)
I think the mistake here is that this is really more of a piece of functional art, rather than a practical appliance (which is how they are marketing it). Great GIF though.
I saw the video and, as a tea fan, was like "WOW! That is incredible!", then I saw the price. :/
@fepacheco We hear you, Felipe. Making the ultimate tea infuser is not an easy task. We've spent years crafting the Teforia, making absolutely zero compromises along the road to ensure our infuser is incredibly functional and beautiful. From the custom boiler that heats water on-demand to within 0.5 degrees of accuracy, so the temperature is always right, to the vacuum-sealed double-layer carafe and infusion globe that are both beautiful to look at and extremely functional for keeping your tea the perfect temperature. Also, we've taken great care in traveling the world and working with tea growers and masters on our infusion process so we can brew the richest, most natural tea like the growers and masters truly intended. See the results of a blind taste test here:
Once you see and understand the details that have gone into every Teforia, we hope you'll appreciate our no-compromise approach and the resultant cost.
Hello Product Hunters & Tea lovers Please meet TEFORIA—and stop missing out on the true flavors of your tea. Tea lovers need a better way to unlock the flavor richness tea has to offer—whether they realize it or not, they have been missing out on the complex layers of flavor in their favorite teas What makes Teforia unique? 1. Teforia takes the guesswork out of making great tasting tea. It knows the exact infusion parameters for each tea varietal to make the perfect cup of tea, every time, including time and temperature and water. 2. Teforia use our proprietary Selective Infusion Profile System, so you customize every cup just for you, adjust your caffeine and antioxidant levels or adjust certain flavors up or down to create your own personal recipe. 3. Teforia is a connected device. Our iOS and Android compatible app lets you adjust every recipe and save your favorites, while also giving you access into the rich back-story of our teas and farmers. There has not been any innovation for tea drinkers since the introduction of the tea bag. The tea bag, while “convenient” has destroyed our expectations around what tea should taste like. We have spent years working with tea farmers and tea masters to take all their knowledge and build it into the Teforia infuser. With the simple touch of a button, you will finally be able to taste the complex flavors from your tea. Why should you care about Teforia? Perfection in every cup. Every time. Even if you think you‘ve been getting the best flavor from your tea, Teforia will reveal new, complex subtleties. Teforia is your personal tea master. Just let Teforia know what tea varietal your using, hit the button and enjoy a carafe infused optimal flavor. Customizable—its YOUR cup of tea: Teforia stores thousands of tea recipes with the steeping time, water temperature, and number of infusions defined for every varietal. But taste is personal, and you should love everything about your cup of tea. Teforia lets you create your own recipes and learns and adapts to your unique taste preferences, caffeine needs or antioxidant levels. Always drink what you love. Intelligent and easy to use: Teforia has been programed with the knowledge of tea masters and the convenience of modern technology. Teforia connects wirelessly to our companion app to ensure its set for the optimal brewing recipe. Just select the tea varietal from our app or scan our “smart” teas and the calibration levels are automatically set to that recipe. Teforia does all the work for you, so you can relax and sip in the moment. Beautiful and practical: Teforia is designed to be beautiful to look at as well as use. It’s made from BPA-free plastic to withstand daily use and both the infusion globe and carafe are made from easy-to-clean, stain-resistant borosilicate glass. The double-walled carafe is a functional work of art that keeps your tea warm and looks great while serving the best tasting tea to your friends. Sociable— our companion mobile app Our app does more than let you customize and save your personal recipes, its your gateway to the world of tea. Shop for beautiful accessories, browse rare and unique teas for your collection or learn about the history and tea rituals from other cultures. You can even reveal more of yourself by sharing your favorite recipes with the Teforia tea loving community. Enrich your relationship with every cup. Hope you will love Teforia as much as we do. Stop missing out on flavor! Order today. Thanks, Allen