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Sai Srinivas Kiran G
Sai Srinivas Kiran GMaker@saisrinivas · CEO & Co-Founder, Teewe
You can play live sports, TV Shows etc directly on your TV via Couch App. The app basically indexes content from all websites and when you tap on something the Teewe device opens the browser and plays the content in full screen automatically. The controls will be on your mobile phone. Unlike chromecast where every content provider needs to integrate an SDK, this is super simple.
Emmanuel Amberber
Emmanuel AmberberHunter@emmanuelamber · Data & Product Head | @YSProfiles
The expert content programmers from Teewe has curated latest movies, TV shows for binge watchers and sporting events for cricket lovers in a couch app.
Abhishek Damodara
Abhishek Damodara@dvabhishek · Product Designer, Crowdfire
Looks like it's time to cut the cord in India too! No more " where's the damn remote?! ". Great job Team Teewe!
Sarthak Pranit
Sarthak Pranit@liberosist · App Designer @Booking.com
Now this seems like the future of content programming in India. Great to see that finally there's a startup that is not only bringing streaming to the country, but also solving the age old TV remote problems simultaneously. Great vision!!!