Play anything on your TV at anytime with the tap of a finger

Teewe allows you to stream HD videos from YouTube or your local devices on the biggest screen in your home. You never have to go back to your laptop or mobile.
Hi folks, Sai here co-founder of #teewe. We are up for pre order starting next week. Check out this really cool video we have made http://goo.gl/nHkk9B Would love to answer any product related questions or queries you may have!
How is this different from the Chromecast or the Roku Streaming Stick?
@whoisjuan Or AppleTV for that matter
@saisrinivas I think price sensitivity is debatable especially because below 35 dollars is very hard to make a point around cost. Brand strength play in favor of Google in that specific matter. I like the idea of a less fragmented experience but that would work in favor of your device only if you can prove that the experience can change and get better without a device upgrade. And when I mean better, I mean more open and customizable. I can see something like this working but only if it's enough open source to let people be owners of their own experience. Otherwise it would be quite hard to compete with Apple, Amazon, Google and even Roku.
Very valid question. 1. We organise all your media, be it online/offline(PC/HDD) and make it available to you to play with a single tap on your television 2. We aggregate and curate data from online sources for the best experience in our app unlike Chromecast where you have to use many apps. For example, we have Indian TV shows properly curated season by season and Movies by language and release date 3. We also let you play your photos,media etc stored on your phone with the same app 4. In the very near future, you can use teewe device to play internet tv, i.e. channels of endless free content curated from the web personalized to the user watching 5. Our device costs almost half as much as C'cast and 1/3 that of a Roku which is a very important point to consider in a price sensitive market.