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Terribly annoying website.
@jayneely really? I found it to be incredibly well done. No idea how it shows up on mobile though. However from my Macbook...was impressed...
@itsthisjustin The graphic design is great, but from a UX perspective I found it very frustrating. I have to scroll down for each piece of content, wait for it to load, get a tiny bit of info, scroll down again, wait for it to load, get another tiny bit of info...
This is how I track everything I watch
@philtoronto Thanks for posting Phil, it's great to have you on board!
The site copy is hilarious: "Could something greater than this exist?" Punchline: there's also an iPad app @philtoronto I'm curious why you track the shows you watch. I'm a super casual couch potato and avoid getting sucked into marathons, so I'm probably not the person for this. :)
@rrhoover hahaha I am the exact opposite type of watcher - this helps me track which nights my shows are on (even though I don't really watch them live), but also helps when I go back and re-watch entire series... like I'm doing with Seinfeld right now. It's like a TV show to-do list and it's satisfying to cross shows that I watch off the list episode by episode
Fantastic app, still trying to find one as well done on Android. Now we just need a movie tracker... Something like MooVee ;)
That is one pretty app @philtoronto