Teespring Shopping for iOS

Easy checkout, predictive search and great Teespring content

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Walker Williams
Co-founder @ Fourthwall
Hey PH folks! Really appreciate you taking the time to check out our new iOS app Some things we're excited about: Easy checkout, predictive search, order tracking, and great Teespring content. On the front page, you can swipe through curated categories showcasing a wide range of products on Teespring, such as personalized mugs, slogan tees or whimsical holiday sweaters. With just a few taps, you can place orders through the optimized checkout flow, search for the perfect tee that reflects your passion for dachshunds or check the status of your orders. Features include: Beautiful campaign pages showcase designs and facilitate sharing. Optimized checkout flow removes friction from decision to purchase. Streamlined order tracking view, with push notifications when orders are placed and shipped. Curated categories featuring Teespring content - there’s something for everyone! Teespring always strives to give our community a great experience both through ecommerce and through products made just for you. We place a high importance on mobile and this app is the first of many made with love by our Mobile Team - be on the lookout for more mobile announcements coming in 2017! We've also got some iOS features coming that didn't quite make it in time for launch. We're also already cranking on building out a Creator app - so stay tuned for that in 2017. If you've got suggestions or thoughts on the app, would love to hear them! Happy holidays! ⛄
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Chloe Alpert
e/mCommerce | Growth | Front-End Dev
The app looks great - really clean design and a lot of hard work put into it. Great job by the ios team. #startups
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Interesting move, @walkerteespring. It seems you're focusing more on becoming a destination and brand to buy cool shirts and clothing as opposed to just a platform for creative people to sell. Curious to hear more of the backstory in this direction!
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