Create digital updates that cancel unnecessary meetings

Teemdock makes it easy to cancel unnecessary meetings by sharing digital updates and sentiment. This creates a prioritized timeline. If all updates are below the line: no need to meet! Items above the line are ranked by order of importance based on sentiment.

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Hello Product Hunters! I’m Ameer, co-founder of TeemDock, along with @DaveKrebs4. We’re available for your feedback and questions! One of my favorite quotes is: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” by Bernard Shaw. We built TeemDock to make sure that not team is fooled by this illusion ever again. With TeemDock, teams communicate clearly every day about the items that matter most. Bonus: We’ve also given ProductHunt customers a >40% discount on the Pro version! Here’s a longer explanation (for those who want more detail): We believe the best teams succeed despite their communication tools, not because of them. Emails, instant messaging, IRC clients, communication “channels”, virtual whiteboards, video, audio… all the tools that are there to help us align, have a lot of noise, and not enough signal. This means that teams can’t focus on the items that matter most, because there are TOO MANY ITEMS TO FOCUS ON. Even standups, the solution of choice for many, leave team members feeling a lack of psychological safety, having to generate updates on the spot, too much information to listen to, focusing on the wrong priority, etc etc etc there has to be a better way…. How? TeemDock allows teams to communicate their updates clearly and without the noise of all the other communications that muddy the water. This allows teams to build consensus on the items that need further discussion, identify barriers, and ask questions asynchronously making the meetings that do happen effective and cancelling meetings that don’t need to happen! What? TeemDock is a WebApp with a companion mobile app that allows teams to share updates and sentiment, and with as few clicks as possible. The app calculates each update’s total sentiment score and automatically prioritizes the list from the team. Anything above the line is ranked for easy discussion during the meeting. If all the items are below the line, you can cancel the meeting, or not schedule one in the first place! fyi: We initially developed this process to help us build products faster with less errors. What we’re launching today is version 1.0 of our digital product, we’ve been launching an update every 3-5 days and will continue to do so. We believe TeemDock has a quantum of utility and is ready for your team’s updates. Use it for 15 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks and you’ll see a massive difference in how your team maintains flow state.