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Now Search for your favourite TV Shows & Movies in one app! Teeevo helps you seamlessly track Trending and Popular TV Shows & Movies, on the iPhone and the iPad. Along with this, also keep check for the Upcoming TV Shows & Movies and their Box Office Collection. Get Detailed Overview of all the TV Shows & Movies, which includes Trailers, Cast and Episode Guide. Do feel free to Download or Share Images from our Image Gallery. Our flawless integration with Teeevo Slackbot now enables you to instantly Chat with Us 24x7. We always Welcome Recommendations and Suggestions!
Hey Love looking at it! 1) I love the website πŸ™Œ 2) What do you see as the biggest Differentiator between the MANY "entertainment tracking" platforms coming out? 3) What do you see as the biggest challenge to Teeevo? πŸ€” I love playing in the app and greatly appreciate the UX. @Karan_shah_007
Hi @as_austin. Firstly thank you so much for your appreciation. Coming to your questions. The biggest differentiator between the many entertainment tracking apps/platforms coming out is the ease of usage. What I believe is that everyone provides the same information that even Teeevo provides but the ease of usage and navigation along with a great UX matters a lot. This changes the entire user experience. The biggest challenge with Teeevo that we faced was the loading time. We have some amazing high resolution images used for movies and tv shows along with some high resolution elements like overlays and parallax effects. But we have successfully optimized it made sure that the app even loads on 2G networks. We would also love for you to give us some suggestions and feedback to help improve our app. Cheers!
@karan_shah_007 Awesome! Thank you so much for the response and I have it in my download queue and I'm excited as pictures and visual features do mean a lot! Especially when it comes down to the target segment!
@as_austin Cheers! Looking forward to your feedback & suggestions!
I am downloading the app but commenting before it. Your website is simply good. Loved it. Best way to explain what app is.
@evivz thank you! We must have made at least 5-6 versions of the website before finalizing this one! hahaha! Glad you loved it. We would also love for you to give us some suggestions and feedback to help improve our app. Do let u know your experience with the app. Cheers!
I love this app!! One of the best apps to track tv shows and movies!!! The ui is absolutely fantastic!!
Cheers @shivani_doshi_shah. We hope you like our app. Do put in your feedback and suggestions!