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Teech is an app that allows you to send your questions to the world's best students. Our Teechers all study in the world's top 10 Universities and have been through an extremely rigorous application process to answer your problems. Imagine you have a question in Physics, something you're really struggling to get your head around, but know that you can immediately discuss it with a student finishing his PhD at Cambridge. Well that's what Teech does. Teechers can help students with pretty much anything, from day-to-day work to applying to university. The app allows you to tackle problems you face as soon as they arise - a learning method which has been proved to be far more effective than traditional tutoring. After each session, you can add your teechers as favorites and direct your question to them whenever you feel like you need extra help. Our product is in its first beta stage, but we're working as hard as we can to make it as amazing as our Teechers! I'm here to answer any of your questions, so feel free to be critical because we want to keep on making this all more epic!
@saadaneil im guessing this can only apply to some subjects, and not coding ie web design or computer science
@jamie_ross We're focusing on sciences and economics right now, but we're currently working on making CS and other related subjects available for all soon. Meaning having experts answering live all your questions !
@saadaneil Congrats on the launch Neil. Pleased to see this out in the market.
This looks amazing! I love the idea of making it easy for people to share knowledge and democratize the learning process. I'm curious if you plan to keep the service free forever, or do you plan to eventually allow Teechers to make money as they are helping people? Or maybe people will be motivated to help on their own, and there is some other business model...
@ninjudd Hi Justin ! What we're planning is to give out for free our product for the first month and then progressively add a pay as you go and unlimited subscription method! We are hoping to share knowledge and democratize learning as much as possible (hence upcoming partnerships with organizations such as TeamUp), but in the shorter term we're trying to make it more affordable (hence our premium service being 10x cheaper than competitors). There are other exciting things in discussion, but Id rather some have some of it to be a surprise ;)
Congrats on launching! Can't wait to check it out. 🎉