Teddy Stratford

The best fitted shirt on the planet (pre-launch)

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@srcasm @eriktorenberg @bethebutterfly The "Bratwurst Effect" as we have come to call it, is when your shirt pulls around the buttons and creates creases and gaps. You can see the shirt and its function better illustrated in our video here: http://kck.st/1pVbq8t
The Zip Fit™ shirt by Teddy Stratford solves this problem by placing a zipper behind the placket, enabling men to wear better fitting shirts without experiencing the “Bratwurst Effect.” Whether you’re in tip-top shape or a little “loose in the cage,” the result is a slim, athletic fit that is unmatched by traditional men’s button downs.
@srcasm What is the Bratwurst Effect!?
@srcasm @bethebutterfly i have the same question cc'ing founder @bryandavis to help us !
@srcasm @bryandavis @eriktorenberg Was wondering if it was kind of like a camel toe but different 😳