Connect with top remote engineers working in U.S. time zones

TECLA combines AI and expert human screening to match companies and remote candidates by skills, experience, timezone, personality, and more. We have 3,000+ senior tech professionals who work remotely from countries across North, Central, and South America.
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Awesome platform @ginoferrand1 ! It's great you combine AI and expert human screening. Good luck!
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@eulerr Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words. 👍🏻
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Seven years in the offshore/remote hiring space, and I'm still every day asking myself: what's the best way for U.S. companies and offshore professionals to work together? Is it through an agency? Staff aug? Upwork? Directly? What do other makers think? Today, I think we've landed at a solution that offers both employers and candidates tons of value, and the right transparency. For Companies • Candidates in same or very similar time zones to the U.S. • Interview and hire directly, and we get out of the way • Pre-screened talent with top-rated work experience • Candidates looking for long-term opportunities (not gig workers) For Candidates • Long-term remote opportunities with great companies • Almost immediate feedback to applications and processes • Smart matching based on candidate interests • Direct contracts with hiring companies • No more feeling like an external resource Hope other makers can ponder on the question I asked earlier and help us improve TECLA!
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You'll truly feel like your staffing & recruiting needs are their main priority.


They have top of the line candidates & incredible customer service.


Hoping they grow their podcast division