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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Yaffet, co-founder of @TechyRepairs. I'm here to see what your take is on our new service! Techy is an online platform for laptop repairs. We launched in March with customers shipping their laptops to us but last week we began an on-demand pickup service for the Washington DC area (if you're within the beltway we got you!) We'd love to hear feedback from you guys! Some of the things we're looking for are: >Process of getting an order placed >Feel of the landing page >Would you like to see Techy expand its services to desktops, tablets, and smart phones? Also if you would personally like to get in touch with me, or even chat (if one person actually emails me just to chat I'd actually be very happy), I'll be manning the contact email for the day, its
@yaffetmeshesha Hey, welcome to Product Hunt! And glad to see another IT business. In fact, I really like your unique product, well done! I wanted to give you some feedback from one IT business owner to another, even if mine's very small and only local. * The fact that you have a TypeForm form to order the service is gorgeous. * I like the landing page, it's clean and simple. Plus it displays the price on the front page, which is always a plus in my opinion. * I think if Techy wants to get into the big business, it should start doing desktops, tablets and definitely smart phones. Phone screen replacement is probably one of the most lucrative businesses to get into, in my area at least. Finally, I just have a quick question. If the customer has more than one software/hardware issue, does the flat fee cover both issues? I charge a per hour basis right now, so that if the customer remembers another issue, I can work on it without basically starting a new bill. Good luck to your service, it looks great! :D
@linkchef Thanks man for feedback! I can't express how awesome it feels hearing back from people who go through our website telling us how much they enjoy it! As for your question, in the beginning that was actually how Techy's pricing was structured (pay-per-hour) but then we went flat rate because we felt that was the better option for both us and the customers. If a customer were in need of multiple repairs we would charge them for each repair but they all would be 50% off after the first one (first one always beginning hardware if possible) So if a customer needed a hardware and software they would pay full price on the hardware repair and half on the software.
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@lauralynnz Thank Lauralynn! Techy owes you one