Up to 200 tech interview questions for startups❓💻

Techtion offers an updated list with up to 200 Tech Interview Questions for startups and developers.

At the moment, the tool have questions for 7 tech stacks:

1. PHP

2. Javascript

3. Android

4. iOS

5. Java

6. Python

7. Git

The tool is useful for:

🦄 Startups to boost their recruitment strategy

👨‍💻 Developers to prepare for their interviews.

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Abadesi thank you for posting this. So, Techtion is live!🎉 If you have experience of leading or working in a startup, you are familiar with the never-ending struggles with the interviewing process. To help ease that process, we created this tech interview questions list with up to 30 relevant questions per tech stack that cover everything from the basis for the technology, until the best development practices. To build this tool, we worked with a community of developers with an expertise in every specific tech stack. The questions for each of the technologies are curated by senior developers with extensive experience in the field. We hope to help startups with their HR strategy and interviewing process and, at the same time, help developers prepare better for their interviews.💪 At the moment we have up to 200 questions for:
 PHP, Javascript, Android, iOS, Java, Phython and Git. We aren’t stopping here.🚷 At the moment we are looking for community suggestions for existing tech stacks or new ones that you want us to add them to the tool. Also, feedback is well appreciated! 
Thank you.🤗 - Anita, Kate & Toso
@anitakirkovska That's great! I think will be really useful for my startup. I will be in touch soon
@mario_arabov Great! Glad to hear this!
I expected something about GDPR ... LOL
@pavlos1944 GDPR everywhere 😂
Great tool, we'll definitely use it in our next interviews. Maybe add voting on the questions as next feature? Keep on the good work ;-)
@nikola_bojkov Hey nice touch! We will definitely take this as an option for the next update.
Nice catch, Abadesi. The design is simple & beautiful, plenty of useful interview questions separated into technologies, the content is quality and straight to the point. PROS: - simple and beautiful design - well organized quality content - useful for nailing a job interview CONS: - None so far
@filip_kordanovski Thank you Filip for the feedback!
Wow guys, I hope that you will expand the list with additional tech stacks. Good job.
@marina_trajkovska Yes, definitely! Also, on the tool you could find the 'Suggest a Question' Button, with which you can easily recommend additional questions with answers. Thanks!
@marina_trajkovska @anitakirkovska Its a great resource that you have built here! I was trying to suggest questions but the form does not have a field for which technology the question refers to. If I were to suggest questions for a tech stack not yet listed (ruby on rails in my case), how should I go about it?
@marina_trajkovska @sauravkothari Hey Saurav good suggestion, Thanks! We will try to put it in the next update. In the mean time, try mentioning the tech stack in one of the fields, and we will make sure to have it in mind when reviewing.