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Curated news aggregator for makers w/ previews for each link

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Jake MorMaker@jakemor · ios and web //
Hi again everyone, Techstra for iOS is live. Techstra aggregates news from over 10 sources and presents stories in the form of a news feed, with image previews for each URL. You can also use Techstra as a stand alone news reader for PH, Hacker News, Designer News and more. Techstra is geared specifically towards makers and product lovers- its the last app you need to stay in the loop. Hope to hear some valuable feedback!
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
@jakemor the feed style presentation is interesting
Jake MorMaker@jakemor · ios and web //
@samir_doshi thanks! Since most people spend the majority of their time online on facebook, twitter, etc i think the feed style is both familiar and natural.
Alex Beltechi@alexbeltechi · UI / UX Designer
The feed is a great solution and is super smooth, will be using this. Interested in seeing how this goes forward. A few minor things I noticed - I feel like the titles should be more prominent and display which links have been visited.
Jake MorMaker@jakemor · ios and web //
@alexbeltechi I agree on the links visited- coming in the next update. Cool part is the feed is a webview so I can push updates whenever. I'll tweet at you when the next update is pushed!
Alex Beltechi@alexbeltechi · UI / UX Designer
@jakemor That's very cool, it's particularly useful for when I preload titles on the underground train where I only have wi-fi in the stations and not in between. Loading on flipboard simply takes forever.