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This is a side project from the creators of QuickMVP (http://quickmvp.com). Ask us anything!
@TO Hilarious. When did you start it ?
@kwdinc about three* weeks ago.
@TO Nice. Techspiked facebook page shows close to 24k likes. Did you guys run FB ads or the page grew organically?
@kwdinc All of the above.
@TO Ok :-). Looking forward to reading more articles.Subscribing now !
Sign up to write content, we need talented writers :).
Wish the logo bounced around the screen a la classic Windows screensavers.
@stttories There's an interesting idea!
I like the "Become a viral curator" homework section, nice touch: http://www.techspiked.com/become... Good job @to!
Cool idea! Doing anything special or using any specific tools to make curation easier?
@dshan We look a lot at what's popular on any given day but we also rely on each other's bookmarks and favorites as a proxy for our own audience. Then the key is headline writing. If you thought something was awesome chances are you can explain it in a compelling way that may give the piece the pop it needs.