Techmeme Ride Home Podcast

Tech news aggregation, now in a podcast

Techmeme Ride Home Podcast is a daily news podcast posting every day around 5pm eastern time. In 15-20 minutes, summing up the news you missed today in the world of Tech.

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Hey people who look at comments on Product Hunt! I am a Techmeme "maker" (in Product Hunt lingo), though Brian is the main maker of this podcast. I can answer any questions people have, and BTW, here's the direct iTunes link for subscribing:
Smart move, @gaberivera and @brianmcc. I think we'll see more properties bring someone on to create podcasts under their brand to create more "real-estate" to sell against and extend the engagement with their audience. Will I be able to hear your lovely voice on the podcast, @gaberivera!?
@brianmcc @rrhoover Ha, no plans for that. If so it would be a deviation from the format we've set up. What I really want to do is create an irregular podcast where I talk about tweets by industry people that I think are foolish. I would really enjoy this and so would the 14 people who like my mean tweets.
@brianmcc @gaberivera @carmeldea would subscribe πŸ‘πŸΌ
βœ”οΈ tech news aggregation in text βœ”οΈ tech news aggregation in voice
@kevinbryantlou next up in virtual reality and augmented reality
@kevinbryantlou @amrith I could always do a livestream of me recording the episodes. Kidding. That would be boring. But it would be funny because I literally stick my head in a Porta-Booth Pro...
On the podcast, will you say who broke the stories you're talking about?
@carmeldea Time to get back into journalism, Carmel, so that Brian can say your name!