Changing the way developers find jobs



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Ondrej Chudy — Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well
@j_duarte tell us your inspiration behind :)
@ondrejchudy Firstly, companies are becoming increasingly desperate to find talented developers for their projects.
@ondrejchudy Secondly, developers are very wary of calls and emails from recruiters, and can often be bombarded with unwanted job offers.
@ondrejchudy So we created Techloop. The idea is that companies pitch for developers based on the skills listed on their anonymous profiles
@ondrejchudy For us it’s a win win, companies get talented developers, whilst the developers themselves can look for new projects anonymously
Blaine Hatab — Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
Why is this one different? I've seen a million of these things and as a developer it's hard to differentiate.
Aaron Bohlman — Digital Marketing
@blainehatab We're different because you stay anonymous until the point at which you go for an interview. Plus you get a bonus for getting hired with us :)!
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