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Hello everyone, The app is still young, we are currently on version 1.0 on the App Store. However, a new version 1.2 is completed and waiting for approval. I'm the only one working on the app, backend, website and social media stuff, so everything is updated step by step :) The app currently supports HackerNews only, but my plan is to collect all newsworthy articles on the internet and provide a unique platform to catch up on stuff. With the current version of Techie News App, you can: - Read top HN stories. - See what you read previously. - Share the news on any social media, send email, open the page in safari. With version 1.2 that is currently waiting for the approval, there is: - iPad Support! - iPhone 6 Plus and landscape support with adaptive UI. - Fast news loading with background fetching & cache! - Better user feedback - Download & view PDF documents in other apps - Dynamic font support so you can read news however you want! If I can find a good way to provide a good experience, I also want to support Apple Watch. We'll see :) Techie News Android App is also coming soon!
Hey man, congrats on the launch! Btw, you should follow, a new HN client for iPhone that look promising 😉 (They add capabilities to comment, view user profiles, upload and as logically read news gently)
@nrpalao Thanks mate! It definitely looks good :) I will try it.