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Hey ProductHunters! A lot of our visitors of The Tech Block have been requesting that we make it easy for them to find the best tech deals. So we decided to create a sister site a few months ago focused on finding them. Now, we're expanding and offering a Newsletter for folks who would rather just have the best deals delivered to their inbox. Right now we're primary focused on just Amazon, but we hope to expand to more retailers soon. We also have more updates coming to the site in the coming weeks!
Hi Abdel, what's the difference from me just going to the Amazon site and looking at the curated list of discounts?
@joshuaoxj You could do that, but we try and narrow things down to just a few of the best items. Things can quickly get overwhelming and people tend to not have the time to sift through thousands of items.
Cool! :) What other plans do you have for the site? While everyone who signs up is interested in tech, is there a plan to make the recommendations more specific?
@joshuaoxj Absolutely! Working on some interesting stuff right now. Hope to have it ready soon.