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TechForReporters is a place where reporters can ask hard questions. Nearly every story is a tech story these days and reporters need quick, accurate answers. Technologists - programmers, engineers, designers, and thinkers - can answer in an anonymous or open forum. It is currently free.

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Hey, Guys, It's John Biggs. I've written for the New York Times, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch and I always got frustrated because reporters never had the chance to truly understand tech. Now, if they have a specific question, they can simply go over to TechForReporters and ask anonymously and privately. This isn't Quora or Stackoverflow. This is the site you use if you have a question about the Dark Web and want a candid answer or if you have a trove of emails and need help parsing them. I'm also asking technologists to help out by setting the record straight. I know how dumb I can be on some topics when I write about them so I need your help. I'm sure others do as well.
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@johnbiggs very great Idea. We have the perfect product for all these technologists around the world or even the reporters! We should cooperate.🤝
@johnbiggs great idea - wonder if you get the team at to endorse this alongside their old CAR initiatives and the tip sheets resources - if you have a revenue plan, i suspect that they will balk -but if the goal is support of journalism, they'll be all over it (hopefully)
@johnbiggs Hey John, this is very cool, I've signed up as a technologist and answered my first question. Would be great if linebreaks were preserved for basic formatting :) Love the idea of this platform.
@joisig We'll release this formatting and other fixes soon :)
@johnbiggs @joisig Fixed and on production :D
Shared this with The New Stack editorial team. Looking forward to seeing this resource develop. Needed to help reporters better explain what they are writing about.
@alexwilliams Thanks Alex! We're working hard on fixing bugs and add more interesting features
I have high hopes for this, reporters need all the help they can get to represent tech accurately!
@vmarks Go ahead and ask your questions, there are actually many sources who signed up already! :) Enjoy!
Sound good !!
Excellent idea @johnbiggs ! Reminds me of the ELI5 posts on Reddit which I still find quite useful. One challenge, specially for journalism - How much do you trust the information you get from these sources? Are there some kind of verified-credentials (like LinkedIN profile included) that are required of the folks who respond or do you expect the community to police itself (much like Wikipedia)?
@johnbiggs @sarthakgrover I 2nd Sarthak's kudos & question on trust. It's positively infuriating to see outright charlatans being frequently quoted in top-shelf publications. This strikes me as the type of community that could enable folks who are underrepresented in media coverage to thrive and really get recognition for their expertise.