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TechForReporters is a place where reporters can ask hard questions. Nearly every story is a tech story these days and reporters need quick, accurate answers. Technologists - programmers, engineers, designers, and thinkers - can answer in an anonymous or open forum. It is currently free.

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John Biggs
John BiggsMaker@johnbiggs · Maker, doer, writer.
Hey, Guys, It's John Biggs. I've written for the New York Times, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch and I always got frustrated because reporters never had the chance to truly understand tech. Now, if they have a specific question, they can simply go over to TechForReporters and ask anonymously and privately. This isn't Quora or Stackoverflow. This is the site you use if you have a question about the Dark Web and want a candid answer or if you have a trove of emails and need help parsing them. I'm also asking technologists to help out by setting the record straight. I know how dumb I can be on some topics when I write about them so I need your help. I'm sure others do as well.
Moovy@moovybag · Founder of Moovy Bag
@johnbiggs very great Idea. We have the perfect product for all these technologists around the world or even the reporters! We should cooperate.🤝
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@johnbiggs great idea - wonder if you get the team at to endorse this alongside their old CAR initiatives and the tip sheets resources - if you have a revenue plan, i suspect that they will balk -but if the goal is support of journalism, they'll be all over it (hopefully)
Jói Sigurdsson
Jói Sigurdsson@joisig · Founder/CEO, CrankWheel
@johnbiggs Hey John, this is very cool, I've signed up as a technologist and answered my first question. Would be great if linebreaks were preserved for basic formatting :) Love the idea of this platform.
Eric García
Eric GarcíaMaker@sueric
@joisig We'll release this formatting and other fixes soon :)
Eric García
Eric GarcíaMaker@sueric
@johnbiggs @joisig Fixed and on production :D
Alex Williams
Alex Williams@alexwilliams
Shared this with The New Stack editorial team. Looking forward to seeing this resource develop. Needed to help reporters better explain what they are writing about.
Eric García
Eric GarcíaMaker@sueric
@alexwilliams Thanks Alex! We're working hard on fixing bugs and add more interesting features
I have high hopes for this, reporters need all the help they can get to represent tech accurately!
Eric García
Eric GarcíaMaker@sueric
@vmarks Go ahead and ask your questions, there are actually many sources who signed up already! :) Enjoy!
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre@josejaguirre
Sound good !!
Sarthak Grover
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
Excellent idea @johnbiggs ! Reminds me of the ELI5 posts on Reddit which I still find quite useful. One challenge, specially for journalism - How much do you trust the information you get from these sources? Are there some kind of verified-credentials (like LinkedIN profile included) that are required of the folks who respond or do you expect the community to police itself (much like Wikipedia)?
@johnbiggs @sarthakgrover I 2nd Sarthak's kudos & question on trust. It's positively infuriating to see outright charlatans being frequently quoted in top-shelf publications. This strikes me as the type of community that could enable folks who are underrepresented in media coverage to thrive and really get recognition for their expertise.