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Similar to Connected - but that is Dead now. So this is a decent replacement :)
@bentossell Aha, I'm working on replacing Connected but this is cool. Being biased but the replacement Connected is sexier ;) Currently got a number of beta users but was waiting to release in new year ready for 2017 ... perhaps I should release sooner?!
@bentossell Hey! Do you have an API ? So we could make an integration to whevent? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Cool, still a lot of work to be done esp if u want visits from SEO, you'd need a landing page for every event. I run Stay22, we'll help you monetize every event you have on your page.. you can see a demo example, we partnered with Everfest (similar concept but for Festivals)
Hi- I started techconferences.io to help myself utilize a yearly budget at my current job intended for tech/dev; conferences. I have gotten some fantastic feedback and ideas for the site and plan to continue to update so long as people are staying active and interested. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to check out the project and look forward to seeing some of you at dev conferences around the world!
@striverguy Hello Daniel, i started a site about technology events in Turkey (https://etkinlik.tech) and it has an open database (also code on Github) on Firebase. it is a side project (i just want to work on Firebase and js so i have built it) and beta now, you can integrate the Turkey's events to your site if you want.
@dtlyst I'll definitely check it out! I'm still looking for good sources of events.
Consider including a measure of the magnitude (# of attendees, # exhibitors/speakers, etc.) for each conference. This should be very helpful for users to easily gauge how large are the events!