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This is a great product -- def is becoming my default daily way to stay up to date with technology news that matters
I am very interested in The Information opting to only have App Store-based subscriptions rather than sell via the site and via apps, given Apple and Google's cuts. I went to The Information site specifically to subscribe directly, and found I could not, unless I was a full subscriber to TI, in which case it was included. Too much infrastructure cost in building out a new product’s subscription management?
@glennf Thanks for the comment, Glenn. Glad to hear you'll be joining as a subscriber. The subscription management was actually the easy part for us given our long subscription history / business model. We opted to do in-app to start to make it easy but will share web based subscriptions soon.
@peter_schulz Ah, good to know. I prefer giving a publication ~95% after c.c. fees instead of 70%, though I appreciate the ease of in-app purchases. (I used to run a publication that started entirely on the Newsstand [it was created by Marco Arment], and we misjudged how badly Apple handled renewal notices, etc.)
I am over the subscription model/. I'm over gated content. Let the content be free. We can't post for others to read because it is gated...
Downloaded and very quickly uninstalled