Tech To The Rescue

Tech Companies helping NGOs fight COVID-19 crisis for free

Tech To The Rescue is a voluntary movement connecting IT companies with non-governmental organizations around the world. Through this simple but powerful platform, NGOs can find companies specializing in IT tools, solutions, and services for free.
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Hi All! As an initiator of this movement I'm super-happy that we are going global! I saw that 10+ projects started already thanks to this initiative!
Hi Hunters! Just a few days ago, we started Tech To The Rescue, a movement connecting IT companies and #NGOs fighting with the coronavirus effects. So far, over 150 companies joined us, and we already have the first projects helping organizations. We are proud to be part of such a fantastic community. See how Tech to the Rescue works and join as How can you help? - If you know any NGOs that need support - tell them about the initiative - Feel free to convenience more IT companies to join Let us know how we make this initiative even better! Looking for your feedback!
@tomasz_aniol why wouldn't you aggregate your efforts around the existing and popular Help with Covid initiative? Seems like this will just duplicate efforts?
I love the idea!
@wiktor_sobolak Thanks Wiktor! Everyone know some NGOs and right now they need help with digitalization more than ever :)
This is how technology can make real life impact even, or maybe especially during a crisis.
Great initiative <3 needed and simple