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Will Lam@will_lam · PM & Marketer
not to be confused with TechStars the accelerator?
Rick Turoczy@turoczy · Cofounder, PIE
@will_lam Yeah. Threw me for a moment there, too.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@will_lam me too, confusing name
Daniel SodkiewiczMaker@dansodkiewicz · Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
Hey everyone, Founder here. A short story of the product: I have a list of about 40 of my favorite tech industry bloggers who I follow (mainly entrepreneurs, founders of successful startups, VC's). I created a script around this list, which is pulling the newest posts and letting users vote for them and comment. The idea has two parts: 1. A website HN-like list of posts with voting and comments. 2. A weekly newsletter with summaries [1] of the best articles from a given week. Most of the posts are very long, and if you are crazy busy (aren’t you?), weekly summaries allow you to stay on top of the tech stories without spending hours of time reading.  What do you think? On the bottom of the page is a link to the “Suggest a Blogger” form. ----- [1] http://webdesigndigest.us5.list-...
ethan@gliechtenstein · I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
This is really great but I think it needs rebranding. I almost didn't upvote it at first because i thought it was another one of those attempts of VC firms doing content marketing.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
as much as their writing is good; the site might be a better read if 90%+ of the page wasn't posts by the two Buffer founders. I might as well just visit the Buffer blog otherwise!
Daniel SodkiewiczMaker@dansodkiewicz · Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
@_jacksmith There are only 40 bloggers in a database of the site, I am keep adding new ones. The site so far did not have really many users, so there was just couple of people voting for articles here and there. As the traffic grows and more bloggers are added, the list of posts will be more diverse.
Craig Zingerline@craigzingerline · Product, Growth, Entrepreneuer
@dansodkiewicz thanks. Could use more bloggers and more topics but seems like a promising concept. Best of luck and keep us posted :)