Tech Press List

Launch your startup with 100 journalist contact details

Tech Press List is a curated list of journalist contact details from 18 countries.

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RIP to the inboxes of these poor 100 journalists πŸ’ Let's hope people are respectful..
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@nickabouzeid it's a premium product. I don't think people who pay $20 are going to mess around.
@petecodes I worry about it specifically because it's $20 - founders with a proven track record (higher chance of them being respectful) won't need to pay $20 for a database that they've build over many years, whereas first-time, relatively inexperienced founders will pay (with a higher chance of them not being respectful). Regardless, journalists receive inbound pitches for a living - good chance this won't contribute to the overflowing of their inbox more than simply having their emails publicly available πŸ’Œ
@nickabouzeid Reminds me of the time Tech Crunch wrote a post with all their e-mail addressses
Do these people know that you are selling their data? I would say that at worst you are breaking some law and at best they are each entitled to a cut of the money you are making. Given that you are charging for Thisbe information then I am assuming it's not publicly available. And if it's not publicly available then you should need their permission to use it and especially to sell it.
@mickc79 it is all publicly available but it just takes forever to find it. Leads = stories = journalists have jobs
Made my first sale :)
Nice! Are they all active 100%? When is the date of the last verification?
@rviolleau thanks :) contacts collected between 22nd july and 8th of august. Not sure what you mean by 'active' ? You get the full 100 contacts with all info if that is what you mean
@petecodes Thanks Pete! By active, I mean that emails are reaching their target and the people on the list are still working in these companies.
@rviolleau oh yes, 100%. I made sure of that:
@petecodes Nice article! I like the time it's saving for makers ;) Will you update the list for the already buyers?
lol, $20. Most of these people in their demo image, you can find their email right on their website or twitter bio. This is a fucking scam.
@kevin_raposo I don't think you're paying for 'restricted information' but for the time saved by him collecting it vs. you. I'm not saying it's "worth it" 100% or anything, but it's not a "scam."
@kevin_raposo Calm your tits. This isn't a scam.
@kevin_raposo @swetzequity exactly! Thank you.