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Tech Jobs for Good helps people find tech jobs at mission-driven companies in the US. We believe that life is too short to not be working on meaningful problems and that work is a great way to make a big impact on issues you care about.
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Hi all! I'm excited to share Tech Jobs for Good - a job platform for people to find tech roles at mission-driven companies in the United States. Tech Jobs for Good started out of my desire to highlight organizations that are doing amazing work with technology to have a positive impact on society & the environment. You can use Tech Jobs for Good to: - Search & apply for tech jobs - Browse company profiles ( - Create Job Alerts, and - Create a Job Seeker Profile, so companies can reach out directly to you ( I'd love to hear your feedback on the site and am happy to answer any questions you may have.
@noahhartbos Any thoughts about expanding to Europe and Scandinavia? :- ) I'd like to suggest this, to people I know who are interested in trying new things ... They don't live in the US though. B.t.w. if you bring this to Eastern Europe / Ukraine / Russia, then you'll find many many talented software devs there, which customers in the US and Europe might like? (Also curious about if you've seen: ?, a bit similar but far from identical :- )) Can I ask how much does it cost to post a job? EDIT: Now I found out, like $50 or $100 for one or a few jobs,
Love the motivation behind this, when I was job searching last year I would've loved a board like this. That being said I think it would be nice to easily see, or even sort by, the category behind the opportunity (eg. green technologies, social justice, accessible healthcare, etc). Perhaps as a subtitle between the job title and location? Several descriptions feature the category prominently, but I feel like it's a detriment to the UX if I have to click Learn More on every position to really get a sense of their company mission. Just my two cents, best of luck!
@chris_germano Thanks for the support & feedback Chris. I agree that making the categories more visible & filterable would help a lot with the UX. I'll be working on that this weekend!
Congrats on your launch! Curating a job board is no easy task.
Thanks @anthonygawonlee - would love to connect & learn more about what you're doing with Nonprofit Remote.
@noahhartbos yeah, feel free to DM me anytime in Twitter.
Nice initiative. It's far too easy to get sucked into the "All that matters is money" corporate world.
Thanks for the kind words.
hey @noahhartbos Looks like you have my company on your board - thanks! I have a problem editing though - any time i try and add more info to the company profile it doesn't update...
@paul_b_h What's your company? Can you send me more details about the issue to so I can look into the issue?