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#3 Product of the DayDecember 28, 2018

Tech Jobs Asia is a curated job board featuring the best tech jobs from around Asia. All jobs are direct-apply, linking straight to the company's careers site application form or careers email address - no middlemen!

Abid Omar
Katherine G. Pe
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  • Derek Ramos
    Derek RamosStudent and Designer

    Great idea and amazing opportunities


    Mostly front end and back end. Add UX Design roles.

    I have used site and found it refreshing to find great jobs in Asia.

    Derek Ramos has used this product for one day.
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Jon Yongfook
Jon YongfookMaker@yongfook · Indie maker
Hi Hunters! I've been living in Asia and working in tech for the last 17 years of my life. I created Tech Jobs Asia for a few reasons: 1. In my last role where I was a hiring manager, I found it very hard to fill tech roles. Tech talent is super scarce in Asia and hiring managers need better ways to connect directly with tech candidates. 2. When I left my last job I felt like picking up some contract work in my framework of choice, but I was shocked to find there was no easy way to find "Rails jobs in Asia" besides doing a bunch of Google searches. 3. Tech talent is so scarce in Asia that we need to import more talent and make Asia an appealing place for foreign tech talent to come and work. In this MVP of the site, I fell a bit short of my ambition for (3). I wanted a site that shows the best tech opportunities in Asia along side lifestyle content showing what a great place Asia is to work - but ran out of time (this MVP took 1 month). Definitely something to work on for a follow up release!
Ojukwu Chibs
Ojukwu Chibs@ojukwu_chibs · Building for the next billion users
@yongfook wow! this is beautiful , and thinking I just launched tech jobs for africa 😄 its like we were thinkin similar, Awesome product though
Adrian Krebs
Adrian Krebs@krebs_adrian · Software Engineer
Well done @yongfook It's very inspiring to follow you on your startup journey. It motivates makers all over the world to finally ship their sideprojects 😃 What technology stack are you using for your MVPs?
Jon Yongfook
Jon YongfookMaker@yongfook · Indie maker
@krebs_adrian everything is built in Rails - it's the only tech I know!
eelco@eelcojellema · || and much more
@krebs_adrian @yongfook The secret of actually shipping 💡
Gustavo@gusta_nas · Nomad iOS Developer|Indie Maker|🇯🇵🇧🇷🇧🇪
Having worked in Asia myself, I've experienced firsthand how difficult it is to find a decent job there. Especially the ones offering a visa. Good job @yongfook ! How is your content updated? Do you manually look into different job sites or do you have some kind of automation behind?
Olivier Alcouffe
Olivier Alcouffe@olivalcf · E-commerce nerd and Dataism priest 🙏🏻
Hey @yongfook Nice MVP! I don't see any marketing jobs for the moment, is this by design or more jobs will come in the future? Best of luck.
Jon Yongfook
Jon YongfookMaker@yongfook · Indie maker
@olivalcf the focus for now is on dev / programming related jobs in Asia, since these were the roles I had real difficulty in finding candidates for when I was a hiring manager.
Yuyu@swsalim · Front-end Developer
Been following your journey for a while. Looking great for an MVP. How frequent is the job list updated? Does it automatically hide job post that's no longer active or filled up?
Jon Yongfook
Jon YongfookMaker@yongfook · Indie maker
@swsalim It's updated every day. Each job links to a unique job details page on a company's careers site. If that page disappears, the system considers the role filled and the job post will be deactivated.
Yuyu@swsalim · Front-end Developer
@yongfook sounds like a simple solution and you got that sorted. I guess the $10/job post also apply till the role is filled? What’s the plan to compete with other tech job boards?