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Hi everyone, Really excited to see on here! Thanks a lot @hazzajay for hunting us :) is a knowledge-sharing platform that allows developers to learn and explore technologies through hands-on tutorials crafted by the community. We think that the best way to keep up to date with the latest trends in tech can best be done by actually writing code, not watching videos. lets you run your code and experiment with technologies right from your browser, without setting up any environment on your machine. All content available on the platform is created by peers in the community, and is accessible for free. Our container-based architecture allows you to craft interactive tutorials, courses and demos on any language, framework or API you like. Git makes content creation collaborative (Github integration coming soon) so don’t hesitate to join an existing playground or to create your own! We’re focusing on building a global community of developers willing to help each other by sharing their knowledge and their perspectives on technologies. The goal of this Public Beta launch is to hear your thoughts and improve the platform to suit your needs. We’re happy to answer any questions, and would love to know what you guys think of Leave us your feedback!
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Awesome product guys, well done! :)