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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm assuming a majority of their traffic comes from search or social, directly to articles and relatively few visitors to the homepage. If true, how important is a native mobile app to a site like Tech Insider? Will it ever represent a significant (e.g. >30%) of traffic and engagement? Curious to hear your thoughts, @stevekovach and co.
Alex Carter
Alex CarterHunter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
Tech Insider is a digital publication focused on tech, science, innovation, and culture under the Business Insider umbrella. I first learned about it on The Jay and Farhad Show and now they have an iPhone app. It looks really clean!
Steve Kovach
Steve KovachMaker@stevekovach · Deputy Editor, Tech Insider
Can't predict the future, but in general it's good to have a wide distribution everywhere we can. Web. Native apps. Apple News. Facebook Instant Articles. And whatever else is next. Nothing new to that strategy either. All the top native digital publishers are doing it.