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Wayne Sutton
Cofounder Change Catalysts
Hi! The Change Catalyst team is excited to share the Tech Inclusion Podcast with the Product Hunt Community! This is episode 5 fearing Marco Rogers @polotek of Clover Health. @Clover_Health On this episode, Juliet and Marco discuss how to build a diverse engineering team, creating opportunity and why the investment pays off. They touch on best practices, the role of culture, and why the right resources help everyone win. Includes advice on pathways to leadership, mapping skills to available roles and building a more transparent ecosystem. Would love it if you can: #1 Up vote #2 Listen #3 Subscribe #4 Share with your network #5 Provide and feedback #6 Suggest any future guest Thanks!
Marcus DavenportFounder & CEO at Fitly
Wayne Sutton is a trail blazer for progressing inclusion in tech! I'm excited to see this podcast continues to grow!
Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Founder, Golden Kitty Maker Nominee! 🎉
This is the best 15 minute #inclusion podcast I ever heard. #diversity