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Love the new bold direction that Asia's most popular tech blog has taken. Tech blog no more, more like community? Looking forward to see what this will evolve into! @williswee @terenceleejx what's the vision for this new chapter of TiA?
@pieterpaul Hi Pieter, thanks for asking! Just keep watching on the left sidebar for more. We'll be refining our community offering, adding lots of data possibilities, and we'll be testing plenty of things we believe will help the community. :)
@pieterpaul Online community, yes! :) As one of my team members explained: "We humbly acknowledge that we do not have a monopoly over good content. The Asian tech ecosystem is a community filled with creative thinkers, industry experts, and crazy entrepreneurs. How can we be the only ones with a good story to share?" As Minh said, we have a lot more plans moving forward and we will share when we are ready.
@williswee Hey TIA, we are on PH ranking right after you, and we are from HK. You should write about us!
@williswee A lot of sites have made similar efforts (i.e Kinja), but your efforts are perhaps the most empowering to the lone writer. I love it! Hopefully you'll implement some sort of revenue-sharing program for top community authors. Then it will be infinitely more valuable. Cheers to the new TIA🎉