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Ray Lee
Ray Lee@deleted-517657
Launching a new product ($3.00 for a charger, smartphone ring and earphones), check out trifecta deals, for the latest technology trends.
Abdel Ibrahim
Abdel IbrahimHunter@abdophoto · Investor, Creator of @techhunterco
Hey Folks! My name is Abdel and I'm co-founder of The Tech Block. I recently launched Tech Hunter as a site that curates good deals on quality tech products. We features deals from time to time on The Tech Block, but I decided that it would probably be better to spin it off into its own site. It's obviously just an MVP at the moment, but I'd love to get your thoughts on it. Oh, and be sure to Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to RSS :) (links above)
Will Imholte
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
The first product I clicked on (DAS Professional Model S) had a broken link to sellout.woot. What sort of shoppers are you building for? Should I plan to come to TechHunter when I need something (in which case maybe you should make search a bit more prominent)—or should I follow along every day to see new deals? Are you curating for quality of goods or quality of deal?
Abdel Ibrahim
Abdel IbrahimHunter@abdophoto · Investor, Creator of @techhunterco
Yea, we're working on a way to make sure those that visit know when deals expire. We're looking for people who would essentially follow on a daily basis as these deals tend to expire within 24 hours. In some cases less. In terms of the curation, there's definitely a mix of both. We don't want to but garbage deals on our site just because they're on sale. Instead, we're trying to find the balance between something that's well-reviewed and discounted as well.