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Robin Wauters
Robin WautersMaker@robinwauters · Editor,
Just for context: Radar is a searchable online database crammed with useful information about technology companies and investors in Europe – and beyond – that we ( launched today in partnership with Dealroom. In our ongoing quest to gain a deeper understanding about the European technology industry, and raise global awareness about its current state and challenges ahead, one thing we’ve learned is that qualitative data is the key to unlocking valuable insights. Radar is a work in progress, but tell us what you think and how we can improve!
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@robinwauters Yes!!! I am so happy right now. :)
Dmitri Sarle
Dmitri Sarle@dsarle · CEO, ArcticStartup
Awesome founders who really know their thing. Happy to see a media company doing it. We tried something like it @ArcticStartup but did not see it through. This one looks a lot more promising :)
Really useful, good database, great categorization, means it is searchable and shows cross relations. useful for both #startups and #investors as well as everyone interested in this area.
I love the idea! Following suggestions: a) can you please explain how "Performance" is defined? b) Cities are missing (in which city a startup is headquartered) c) StartupCVs is missing! what a shame :-) M
Yoram Wijngaarde
Yoram WijngaardeMaker@yoramdw · Founder
@melik_shah Thanks! a) Performance is based on a bunch of metrics including web traffic volume and growth, app downloads, funding, and media buzz. All companies are ranked and categorised as top 5%, top 10% etc. It works reasonably well now to spot top performers but still working on optimising it b) true, we do have the data, but still need to integrate in the API, stay tuned! c) we will add! in general, if it is your company you can add it on !
Alena@alenagamolko · CMO, LeverX Int.
Great database of tech companies! Similar companies search option is a very useful one. I think a more detailed company description would be a great addition to a company profile.