A weekly show about the European technology scene

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Hunter website is introducing the podcast, a weekly coverage of the European technology scene! First episode "Greece's startups struggle, an update on the Uber situation in France, and Airbnb in Spain" available here
Hey guys, (and thanks for hunting @clemkn) This was our first episode in what will be a weekly podcast covering the most interesting and important stories developing in the European tech scene. We had a few sound quality issues in the first episode, but hopefully the content makes up for this. Production is definitely something we are looking to improve over the next couple of episodes. Would be great if anyone has any feedback on the content, format or suggestion for future topics. On this first episode, @roxannevarza and myself discuss: - How the financial crisis in Greece has affected Greek startups. - The latest in the ongoing Uber saga in France. - Airbnb and their struggles to be considered legal in Spain.
Finally! ;-) @clemkn thanks for sharing, and @neilswmurray - will send you guys feedback. Good luck! ;-)
@mskakala Thanks Martin, that would be great! I'm on neil (at)
Great news and good luck guys! @neilswmurray, it's great to hear this is being covered for all of us that work out from Europe :)
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