Tech Conferences 2019

A directory of tech conferences & events happening in 2019.

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2019 is a directory of tech conferences happening around the world. Select a country, followed by a month to filter through the list.

  • Ureeda Asim
    Ureeda AsimContent Creator | Content Marketer

    Simple, Useful, All in one place, Country-wise filter


    No search option, No filters according to Industry/business type

    For months, I'd been looking for a single platform where I could find all the tech conferences/summits for networking, learning, and sharing my thoughts with a large gathering of brilliant minds and influencers. is exactly what I wanted!

    Great work @Guillaume Bardet!

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  • Bohdan Hernandez Navia
    Bohdan Hernandez NaviaFounder @ Think Code Release

    Simple and useful



    Would be nice to be able to filter by type of event.

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Hello Product Hunters 👋 For 2019, I have 6 small side projects in mind so far. I wanted to start the year by launching the following one first. It is a simple directory of tech conferences happening around the world. You can filter through them by selecting a country followed by a month for example. The site was built using Table 2 Site made by @poehah. As tweeted by @prsarahevans: 🇺🇸 Search by country 📅 View by month ✔️ Plan your year 🎤 Apply to speak You can also suggest/submit additional events. 🙌 If you notice any errors, please let me know and I will get it fixed!
@guillaumebardet great tools! Here in Italy I work for a Startup news web site and I am the curator of weekly post "Digital events not to be missed". I wrote last week a post regarding the most important digital conferences that will take place in Italy in 2019. As soon as I have time available I will suggest / submit additional events.
@androm That would be wonderful Andrea, thank you very much! I only have one for Italy so far.
@poehah @prsarahevans @guillaumebardet I'm not seeing the Apply to speak filter? Am I just missing it somewhere?
@lorendavie1 Hello Loren, thank you for getting involved! To start filtering through the events, you can select a country followed by a month and it will filter through the events without having to click any 'Apply' button. However, @sauravtom pointed out that if you select two different months it will show an empty list for now.
@guillaumebardet Thanks for responding. I think perhaps I interpreted the "Apply to Speak" line in the above post as a filter. Thanks for making this. Might I suggest search would be a great feature here.
Love this! I appreciate the simple, daily usefulness of your tools, Guillaume.
@prsarahevans Thank you very much for getting involved Sarah! I am glad you liked this one as well. 🙂
Nice directory G!! 😄
@harowitzblack Thank you for getting involved Ben, I was hoping to see a Gif coming from you! haha
@guillaumebardet hahaha, it's my pleasure
Interesting and useful project. I'd like to report a bug, when selecting multiple months the results are empty, probably its computing intersection whereas it should be doing join.
@sauravtom Great catch thank you Saurav! I'll look into this with @poehah.
Very useful as we're planning out events for the year! Thanks!
@hunterbecton I am glad you found it useful, indeed that's why I wanted to launch this one first for this year. :)