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Tech Bound is a weekly email around Growth Marketing containing curated content, case studies, and Q&A (no BS, click-bait or ads). It helps Growth Marketers and startup founders to focus on their work by not having to dig through the overwhelming amount of content out there.

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Hey, I’m a Growth Marketer in the Silicon Valley working for Atlassian and mentoring startups at an accelerator. Tech Bound was born out of the frustration with the amount of low-quality content out there. I read through the crap so you don’t have to 😉. It’s a list of the best articles (no lousy hacks, just good startup marketing) I find with long comments to put them into perspective. Once a month, I bring on guest editors like Kevan Lee (Buffer), Martjin Scheijbeler (Postmates) or Jimmy Daly (animalz). In every episode, I include a case study with the biggest learnings and answer a question from the audience. I’m happy to answer questions all day!
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Kevin is an Expert regarding SEO and (Growth) Marketing and I like his newsletter - I am a subscriber for about 3 month.


Great Insights and tips from a thought leader


you need time, to read the great resources ;)

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Thank you so much, Rudolf. That means a lot to me!

I've been receiving the Tech Bound weekly newsletter for a while and it's very refreshing to finally receive a newsletter that you actually want to read, that's aimed at adding value rather than pushing products and services.


Great, curated content that's been vetted so you don't have to


Is only sent once a week :)

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Thank you so much, Steven!

Love Kevin’s content - highly curated content (filtering out the BS going around) with his own POV and knowledge coming through - he f**king knows shit! Mandatory read every week! No brained subscription.


Great curated content around growth


another email in your inbox :)

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Thanks a ton, Johannes. Couldn't ask for more!
Kevin is at the cutting edge of tech, marketing and technical SEO. He's not just a thought leader - he's a do-er. One of a handful on my reading list!
@davidbain Thanks a lot for the love, David. Means a lot to me!