Tech Blog List is a curated database of tech journalists, guests blogs and influencers! πŸ‘Œ

Bring your launch the boost it deserves with the proper PR. Please carefully contact a hand full of these sources. Spam emails will not benefit you!

UPDATE: The website has been down, however you can still access the public Airtable version.

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Hello Product Hunters! First of all thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us again! I am the maker of Tech Blogs List. A simple database including over 3,800+ tech journalists and a few additional resources such as blogs accepting guests posts, slack communities and more. The database is free, with no registration or email required and you can even export the list! πŸ‘Œ It was the first time I tried Webflow, it was quite easy to use! I also used Airtable to share the database. Both are wonderful tools and I highly recommend at least trying them! I hope some of you will find this useful. Thank you! The website includes: 3,800+ Tech journalists πŸ“° 450+ Slack communities πŸ€– 250+ Most active GitHub users πŸ™€ 200 Blogs accepting guest posts πŸ‘‹ 100+ Product Hunt launch resources πŸ‘€ Coming soon: Influencers (Instagram, Twitter, FB, Quora, Reddit, Product Hunt, GitHub, Dribbble and more) For suggestions, edits, takedown: Airtable Version:
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Wow, I've been looking for something like this for quite a while. Hope this will be updating.
Thank you for getting involved @anastasia_vereschagina! I will definitely try my best to keep it updated. This actually reminds me that if anyone has suggestions, edits or take down requests send us an email or simply tweet:
do you have blogs for iOS developers in your list?
Hello @lisadziuba! What I would suggest doing is Command + F and search for certain keywords! I did a quick search just now for iOS, I found 'Today in iOS' 'iOS Hackers' and some other results! I hope this helps :)
Thanks man. Very useful
You're very welcome @anticlickwise. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback!
This is extremely usefull for all PR and marketing people :) Many thanks!
Thank you for your kind feedback @sabur_ibragimov! I see your description mentions 'Freelance Journalism' feel free to get in touch if you would like to be added to the list!