Tech Against Coronavirus

A list of products for #remote working and learning

The coronavirus outbreak turned us all into remote workers. So here’s a curated list of the best 300 products you can use to maintain collaboration and work remotely with your team. Also, the list is open, so please contribute your suggestions.
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We've built this website in 2 days, from idea to launch, specifically to help teams with discovering and deciding for the best tech available for #remote working. In the meantime, 300 other products have been added to the list. Built on GatsbyJS, Airtable, FaviconKit and hosted by Netlify.
@paulbaloghuk This is awesome! - would you be interested in partnering with us to create the first remotework landscape chart?
@eduardo_esparza Hi, thanks for your appreciation. How would that work?
Btw, people, what is your favourite product in the list?
Of course I recommend my my own one - :-) But very seriously, of course it depends what are you looking for...What do you need a tool for? Which remote work processes / areas do you want to support?
I recommend #techagainstcoronavirus initiative!
Super! I have recommended it to colleagues and all the schools in the county