Tease and Totes

Fashion for social good

We're thrilled to announce Tease and Totes on International Women's Day! We recently launched so please feel to offer feedback on the site/concept. We'd also love to hear what fantastic women you think we should interview for our #WednesdayWoman posts. A little more about us:- At Tease and Totes, we strongly believe in the empowerment of women and children, and that fashion is the best medium from which to distribute that message far and wide. We celebrate empowerment through our statement tops, weekly interviews with inspirational women, and our ongoing partnership with Worldreader,a global non-profit on a mission to deliver digital books to every child and their family. If link in hunt doesn't work, please try www.teaseandtotes.com Thank you and happy International Women's Day!
@daniellenewnham Good luck with everything!
@bhalp1 Thanks so much Ben! Appreciate it.
Looking good - best of luck! I'd totally buy the "I'm an entrepreneur, bitch" tshirt
I love the attitude behind the messaging, that Danielle and her team are bringing to this on the slogan tops. It is very cool! But I also love the fact that she stepped up one day last year, to say that all of the profit from this new venture would go to help our organisation, Worldreader, get books to all (and I mean all!). Say's all you need to know about the great people behind Tease and Totes!