Teamweek 2.0

The online project planner and team calendar, redesigned.

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We are using Teamweek in to plan things since the beggining of 2016. It turned out to be a really great tool to manage our tasks and get some bigger picture of work that needs to be done. I can highly recommend everyone to check out the service if you are struggling with management and planning, like we did :)
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@marek aww, thank you so much! 💚
Hello Product Hunters! Teamweek is an online project planner and team calendar. It's light on features, easy to use and improving every day. We've put a lot of emphasis on making the tool as intuitive as possible. And the changing and tweaking of tasks is also fairly effortless. Teamweek has been updated fiercely since it was first submitted. We've gone through a thorough redesign and rethinking process, cutting off features and starting from scratch. What has remained the same, though, is our willingness to listen and rethink our processes according to our users' needs. Because as we all know – plans change. Sign up for free on and turn your team planning into effortless collaboration!
This looks and feels fantastic - it's certainly the best team resource calendar interface I've seen yet!
@mihnea Thank you so much for the kind words!
First things first, The website is just amazing. The app is simple, just what you need. Which means a looot of hard and meaningful work + <3 has been put into it. I have two suggestions: - Make tasks filled with a texture for printing (and add an option for it in-app) like in the website GIF. (i know you already thought about this one and probably the second one 2 .. but you know !) - If a user clicks on a task with the right button, it shows {delete, duplicate} ... and why not a double-click duplicates a task.
@alaouisolaimani Thanks for the insight, trust and ideas! 💚 Although, if you want to duplicate a task, you can simply hold command key (ctrl for PC) and drag :)
Great way to see a high-level overview of what everyone is working on!
@tonycarreon Thank you! That's why we've put a lot of effort into color coding as well. To make that overview as clear as possible.