A Kinder, Gentler Gantt Chart

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looks very nice. It should be clearer that it's also a web-app. I think that they really need to make it so that you can zoom out more also. Just a 1 month view isn't sufficient for me.
Gantt charts make me squirm. This makes them look less painful though :)
Tried this out when they first launched a few months ago. Was impressed, but couldn't get my team on it regularly. Always an uphill battle for productivity apps.
2 things I would love for this is github issues support + toggle time support (anyway you can match the task you're completing with the time tracked on toggl + github issues closed). I will be forever grateful.
Just getting started with this. I really was in search for a timeline planner and a task solution with checkboxes. Wish it had a few little extra features, but pretty happy with it and getting my various teams together with it