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TeamWave is an integrated suite of business applications for small & medium-sized companies. Applications include CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Invoicing, Contact Management & More. Millions of small companies rely on email, spreadsheets and their memory to manage projects, sales & other business functions. They simply don’t have modern productivity tools -- and they should. We found that cost & complexity were the big inhibitors of adoption. TeamWave is FREE. Yes, really! You can create a free account for your organization and add as many people as you want. Our revenue will come from providing value-add services. But the software will be free. No catch.
We're incredibly happy to get featured on Product Hunt. Please feel free to give your feedback and ask us anything! On-board unlimited users. Free forever!
Theres not nearly enough information on the landing page here for me to have checked this out before signing up. Would be nice if you added a 'features' page of some sort or a video where you could see the product in action before making the user sign up.
@jasondainter We are working on it and expect to have a fully functional website next month. Would it be OK if I buzz you when its ready? Thanks.
@shuhaibshariff I thought the lack of information and the way the home page was positioned was designed to drive more sign ups. Is that so? Is that working?
@chandika Not Exactly! We've just released the public BETA. In the next one month you will see more content as we get ready to launch. Thanks.
TeamWave aims to provide a single solution for people running businesses by combining project management, sales, marketing and support. It's quite an ambitious proposition, especially considering it's currently free! Looking forward to having a play with it.
@riaface Many thanks for hunting us :)
Extremely interesting! We've been looking for a while for a tool like this. Looks promising. I'm wondering if you have planned to add Team function for a project. I.e assigning tasks inside a project to a particular team like Marketing, Admin,...
@jpvalery Apologies for the delayed reply. We have not yet implemented task assignment to departments. We'll will look at this feature after building departmental categorization in the HRMS app.
@pr33tish Cool! Having sprints/task planification seems a necessity too ;)
I am evaluating solutions similar to this now. What sort of integration strategy do you have? We'd love to have an easy way to pull our customer data from our CMS.
@lynnfredricks We have an integration with Zapier. However, we are not convinced that this is good in the long term. We are thinking about a better way to move data from your website to the CRM app. Do you have suggestions?
@shuhaibshariff @lynnfredricks Zapier is problematic, I agree. They've been taking their sweet time to support Joomla and Drupal, for example. I wouldn't drop Zapier but at the same time I wouldn't put my integration into their hands either. Even if they announced support tomorrow, you have the question of utilizing yet another service for infrastructure and that would keep me hesitant if there was an alternative, native method. I find this a parallel in my own business because our columnar database product has very high quality native integration with so many tools - its been worth it to our customers to trust us instead of a third party.