Teamup Calendar for Android

Shared calendar for groups, now on Android

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JennyMaker@jennyinzurich · CEO, Teamup Calendar
Many thanks to the team and everyone who contributed to the development of the app!
Dan Brooks
Dan Brooks@ramtorn · Pro at
Looks promising, but it's a hard sell in the face of free competition from Googles of the world
Jordi Boggiano
Jordi BoggianoMaker@seldaek · Developer, Teamup
@ramtorn Just to give some context here, we do have some features Google does not support (e.g. assigning events to multiple calendars), as well as niceties like a support email with humans that care behind it ;) Besides Google is, much like Outlook, very focused on personal agenda while we cater more to other calendar-related use cases.
JennyMaker@jennyinzurich · CEO, Teamup Calendar
Happy New Year everyone! The latest version of Teamup app for Android supports the most popular views like those available on the web version of Teamup. It makes sharing calendars a lot more easier for teams that need to stay in sync with real-time updates on plans and schedules. Check it out and let us know what you think. Happy calendaring and all the best for 2017!