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Oh, it used by tones of great companies!πŸ™‡πŸΌ
@pavlo_kuznetsov thank you! Indeed, we are grateful to have the opportunity to serve users in more than 100 countries, among them many great organizations.
Don't get this, it's just a excel template. What is it actually offering. MS Office for learners?
@halepeter You must have a reason to say so - would you mind sharing? Teamup is a fully developed calendar application, not a template. Check out the live demos at http://www.teamup.com/products/l... and feel free to play with them. Thank you.
@jennyinzurich Hi Jenny, I just don't understand what it is trying to offer as I can implement this in any calendar? Your event calendar is a very nice design layout. I just can't understand why you wouldn't just use office or Google calendar for the others.
Hey product hunters. Teamup Calendar iOS App 1.1 is available now. I'd appreciate it if you can check it out and share what you think.
Teamup is a shared online calendar application for groups accessible anytime anywhere. Teamup simplifies what it takes to get organized and keep everyone up to date. No user accounts are required. All that is needed to access Teamup Calendar is a web link. The calendar administrator gets granular access control to the calendar in any combination of the 9 levels of permissions, including the unique add-only and modify-from-same-link permissions. All calendar data is color-coded and events can be searched, filtered and viewed in many ways. It is also possible to assign one event to multiple calendars, a super simple way to create and share events that have multiple attributes besides date and time, e.g. lectures are linked to teachers and classrooms.