Your team, synchronized, in person or remotely.

TeamTab is a simple web, mobile-web and desktop app to help your team synchronize. Tell them when you'll be in the office, if you're available for a meeting, what you're working on, using colourful text badges or "Pingmojis"!

Hey Hunters! We're really happy to share with you TeamTab, a collaboration tool we use internally. The main idea of TeamTab is to help teams synchronize. Let's say you have a distributed team, and need to know when everyone's available: with just a look at TeamTab you can see which of your co-workers are in the office, what time it is for them if they work on a different timezone (and avoid calling them at 3:45 am), or when they're coming back from their meeting. TeamTab also works great for small teams and one-office based companies. With flexible work hours and environments, it's sometimes difficult to know who gets at work and when, and TeamTab helps your team communicate this kind of information (without flooding a Slack ETA channel – we've been there!) With just a simple text or emoji badge, you can also share with your teammates the latest project you're working on, or simply tell them you expect a guest (or an Amazon delivery!) in the office today. We also included Pingmojis: they're just emojis sent from one user to another with a simple notification popping up. No text, or long message – we'll leave it to your collaboration software of choice 😀 TeamTab is available as a web/mobile-web and Mac menubar app. We'd love to hear feedback from you about TeamTab and how it could help you solve synchronization problem with your team! If you'd like to try TeamTab for larger teams, we have plans for that as well, and I'd be happy to provide hunters with a 30% discount (use KITTYCAT at checkout 🐱) Also, if you happen to be from Montreal, we'd love to support the local startup community, and we're offering free licenses of TeamTab Pro to every startup in Montreal – same thing for any non-profit organization. Check out our website! Have a great day! Baptiste
Also, seems appropriate to mention the other great products that helped us building TeamTab: shout out to @cata for the Shards UI Kit & @pablostanley for the Avataaars library! Thanks guys!
@pablostanley @baptistelaget Looks really good! I love how subtle the integration with Shards is and how you managed to mix it with your existing design system. Great job guys! 😄 👍
Thanks @cata! Shards is really awesome to play with and we had a blast using it to build TeamTab!
Great job !! Going to try it out and implement it 😊
Thanks, @ayush_chandra! Tell us what you think about it and we'd be glad to help you implement TeamTab with your team!
Interesting way to stay informed with your team. Still there is manual data entry wich won't be used very efficiently/often. Especially if you have to switch context again. I am still going to try it out w/ my team.
Thanks for the feedback, @dominik_kugelmann. Tell us how it goes with your team! We have some future integrations coming up for TeamTab (including calendar, and with other collaboration tools), designed to remove the manual work for data entry on TeamTab. One feature that may prove to be handy is the badge library, where users just have to click to add a badge. Tell us if you think of a badge we should add!