Teamstory 1.8

A social network for startups & entrepreneurs

Teamstory is a social network just for startups and entrepreneurs. Four months have quickly passed since we shipped the first version of what we dubbed the "instagram of startups". Back then, we were simply wondering if a community based on sharing and feedback could actually help busy entrepreneurs become more successful. Since our first release, Teamstory has been home to amazing 'behind-the-scene' pictures, thoughts, and posts from all kinds of entrepreneurs, from all around the world. With the help of kickass early adopters, Teamstory has grown into a tight-knit community of inspiring visionaries. Today, startups have shared over 2,000 moments and sparked 23,000 activities in over 63 countries! This has truly become the place where startups can ask, share, and discover among like minds. We're now removing our invite-only system on iOS so even more entrepreneurs can tell their startup story. So if you didn’t have a chance to check us out, we'd love for you to swing by and see why startups are making Teamstory part of their daily grind. If you've downloaded and signed up already, please update to the latest version - For the 1200 people waiting for the android version - we're trying our best to get extra resources so please hang in there, we will come to you soon! Special Thanks to our awesome early users: @FittrApp @KiKiSchirr @MsTechGroup @Fake_Crow @Groopt @startupshk @StartChucktown @HubYard @BundllApp @NiKoSouL @AlexMuench @startweaving @theforthwall and many more!
I simply love Teamstory <3
@syswarren :D Thanks so much for the love
Congratulations @dh9kim! I'm a friend of @AlexMuench (we both work on Short app) and he introduced me to Teamstory. I really like the app and the idea behind it. Keep it up the amazing work! :)
@enricenrich Thanks so much Enric! We're trying to build something useful for entrepreneurs and their daily lives :D Just focusing on the product's stickiness and engagement for the moment but we'll get to the Growth phase soon so that more entrepreneurs are on there to share. Thanks so much for the support guys!
@dh9kim Did you ever think about a web app of Teamstory? :)
@enricenrich Yeah for sure. We wanted to do iOS to see if the idea works then move into Android and web once we get some resources :D we want to do cool stuff on web like providing people to take moments from Teamstory on their "About" page etc.
@dh9kim That's what I wanted to read! Amazing! Can't wait! :)
@enricenrich ahah just bear with us since we're only 3-man team trying to do everything :P
btw, @rrhoover you should get back on Teamstory as well! Our users love talking about PH on there
I use TeamStory as a source of motivation for the darker days of entrepreneurship. The community is engaged, motivated, and only too willing to help another startup out. I cannot speak highly enough of my personal experience, and I wish TeamStory all the best! Good luck, Kevin!
@KikiSchirr Thanks so much for the kind words! We will try our best to make the product and community better for all entrepreneurs and their daily lives :D
@KikiSchirr @dh9kim i love it. i wrote about the importance of having a support group as a founder - "Be deliberate about cultivating two different support networks. The first group is for technical and practical support β€” seasoned entrepreneurs or investors who can help you avoid certain mistakes, advise new routes and connect you to other helpful people. One of the biggest perks of a startup is that people who are far more successful than you want to help and build ongoing relationships with you. Take advantage of this. Cultivate a second group of people for emotional support: Startups can be really lonely ... You may need (or at least I’ve needed) people to vent to -- to joke about how VCs suck, how users are fickle , and how your dream is THIS close to dying. [It helps] to say the worst possible scenarios out loud [and] vocalize your deepest fears so you can approach your business and the startup hype machine with a level head. "
@eriktorenberg This is awesome! You hit it right on the spot Erik. This is why many entrepreneurs keep using our app throughout the day. We're figuring out how we can help this even more down the future. Thanks so much for your comment :D