Password manager and information safe for teams

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Morgan Slain
CEO SplashData
We're excited to show the all new version of TeamsID and get your thoughts! We have designed and developed TeamsID to make it easy for businesses and families to manage and secure passwords and other important records. You have a personal vault that no one has access to and then you can create shared vaults. If you use G Suite (Google Apps for Work), TeamsID lets all your members sign onboard automatically and have access in their apps grid. Give it a spin for free (no credit card required), and we'll be here to answer your questions!
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Josh Jermaine
VP of Sales
Thanks Joel for hunting TeamsID and putting us on Product Hunt. We are really excited about letting the world know of our collaborative, teams password manager and safe. Much like Slack & Asana TeamsID was built for organizations that need to securely share sensitive data within a group environment.
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Validayt.comVP of Sales
I was one of the first BETA users at TeamsID and I must say the sharing aspect is awesome. I can safely share passwords like WIFI, Bank Accounts, social logins, etc.
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Emmanuel Lemor
Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
Nice to see SplashData re-invent itself ... They used to be huge back in the Palm days and I remember using and recommending the products back then... then the fell out of sight/off-the-radar for a while... Looks like TeamsID will help bring them back into the forefront - not that there isn't already quite a bit of competition in this area... Good luck!